Friday, January 31, 2014

Who's ready for Valentine's Day???

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Love is in the air and I am getting ready for Valentine's Day - at home and at school!  I've always loved Valentine's Day and have always made a big deal out of it.  Scott always makes sure he makes a big deal out of it for ME.  

I got my new Stone Scoop ready - my kids liked the January Stone Scoop so much that I just had to make a Valentine edition!  It turned out so stankin' cute!
One thing that I learned from the last one I made is that permanent marker rubs off of the glass stones!  It gets to be annoying when you have a little one coming up to you every two seconds to let you know there is no letter on the stone!   So I went to Michael's and found a white paint pen.  I've already test driven it and redid the stones from January.  Ain't nothin' comin' off!
I even caught one of my little friends trying to scratch the paint off...yeah!  Nice try!

If you liked the Stone Scoop and want the Valentine edition you can CLICK HERE to get it for free!

I've also made a pack for collecting data using surveys.  We are starting measurement and data this week and I'm sorry y'all, those surveys from the series are not very much fun.  Snooze... Since we are starting measurement and data in February, I have LOTS of surveys related to content for this month!

If you are interested, you can check them out HERE!

And lastly, I thought that it snowed before.  Um, nope.  THIS was snow!

I'm not sure I signed up for all this cold!

Rosco doesn't really enjoy the cold either...

Stay warm friends!

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