Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently!

I'm linking up with Farley for the February Currently!

I got very emotional last night while I was looking at old pictures of me and my family.  I was searching for wedding gift ideas and came across really adorable pics of me with my mom and dad.  (It might be because I'm three states away and have no family here.)  During my search I realized I have done SO MUCH since the past YEAR let alone the past 31 years of my life!  I am trying to savor these moments of wedding's been so much fun!

2 truths about me - I was raised on a dairy farm until I was nine.  I am so stankin' proud of that fact!  I am actually fourth generation.  My great grandfather started the dairy and now my brother is learning the ropes so he can take over and my dad can retire.  Agriculture is in my blood!

I do come from a long line of hunters and gatherers.  And we love weapons.  Many people don't like the idea of weapons with everything that's happening in the world but my family has a huge respect for guns.  We actually have guns that are very old and are passed down in my family.  We consider it a sport and we like to shoot clay on Christmas morning!  Please don't judge...

My fib is that I was never really good at sports.  Actually, I ALWAYS wanted to be a cheerleader (RA RA REE!)  But daddy said that I was going to PLAY sports, not sit on the sidelines and CHEER for them.  So he stuck a softball glove in my hand at the age of five and off I went.  Unfortunately, I got burnt out and didn't even play my senior year - I really regret that!  And even had dreams about softball for years after!  But I really do come from an athletic family.  My dad was third in state for wrestling (back in the day) and my brother was featured on ESPN for wrestling!

So link up with Farley and tell us about your February Currently!


  1. How cool to have grown up on a dairy farm! So glad to have found your blog through Farley's Currently - I'm your newest follower!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Wow! Your life and my life seem eerily similar! I grew up on a farm until I was 8, my family has an extremely old gun collection that has been passed down for generations, I have NO family where I am living, and I played sports all throughout my life, regret not playing my senior year, but have gotten back into in later years (college and beyond). So crazy!!

    I could tell your fib was about your athleticism - there's something about your picture that I could tell you were an athlete :)

    Mindful Rambles

  3. Good luck with all of the wedding planning!


  4. Wedding in April! Wow! How much fun, and stressful is that! Love your truths and a fib. My parents told me the same thing about sports - play them.... don't stand on the sidelines. I'm not so much of a hunter - but I was raised with guns - so no judgement there! :) Your blog is super cute! :) Good luck with all the planning! :)

  5. so cool about the dairy farm... I loved spending time at my great grandparents farms... thanks so much for linking up and joining the party!!!
    I too regret not going through with some of my sports... I was a top ranked shot put thrower my freshman and sophomore year and quit because I was upset with the coach... live and learn right???
    good luck with your wedding plans... and ENJOY the day!!!

  6. Wedding planning is so fun! Enjoy your big day! Your blog is adorable :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten