Sunday, February 9, 2014

We finally made it to the 100th Day!

We finally made it to the 100th Day of School considering all the snow days we had.  We had a little celebration with 100 pieces of snack.  My friends drew a picture of what they look like today and what they would look like at 100 years old.  I died y'all!
I loved the cane!

 It says "Oh my hip."  HAHA!  And I couldn't help but to notice the chest area...hehe!

I had a parent come in and hide 100 hearts around the room.  I have done this activity for YEARS and it always seems to be a hit.  I've actually had the hearts for YEARS.  They are old-school before we had all the awesome digital clip art :)
My friends have to find all the hearts and put them in order.

We've also been on a roll with measurement and data.  Right now we are focusing on collecting data and comparing the data we have.  My friends REALLY enjoy surveys.  They ask me what question I am going to ask that day!
Please excuse the messy chart paper!  I had to grab one I had already used and flip it over!  Improvise, right?
What I did with the recording pages is I shrank them and ran two to a page (we have a TIGHT copy budget) and then had them glue them into their interactive math notebooks.

Sometimes I'll project it onto the board alongside the information we graphed...

We'll be starting our Valentine's surveys this week!  If you would like to get a copy of the graph pack, CLICK HERE!  It's on SALE through Valentine's Day!

Hope y'all have a FABULOUS week!  
Make it Great!!

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