Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Liebster Award!

I was absolutely tickled pink when I saw that Alisha at Missing Tooth Grins had nominated me for the Liebster Award!  How stankin' sweet!  I met Alisha through our Five for Friday posts and she is just adorable!
  Liebster is a German word that means beloved, cute, lovely, dearest and welcome.  (I would have added precious!)  
In order to accept my nomination I must:
1. Link back to the block that nominated me - done and thanks Alisha, darlin!
2. Nominate 5-11 blogs with 200 or fewer followers
3. Answer the questions given by the nominator 
4. Share 11 random facts about myself
5. Create 11 questions for my nominees
6. Contact my nominees and let them know I nominated them

So here are my nominees:

1. Sandy from Kinder Gardening
Y'all, she's been diggin kids since 1984!  She has experience and fantastic ideas for the classroom!

2. Erin from The Short and Sassy Teacher
I mean, not only are we sassy and blonde, but she's also so stankin' cute!

3. Nina from Lovely Little Learners
She's a Florida girl - what more can I say???

4. Stephanie at Principal Principles
She has such a positive attitude about school, work and life!

5. Jessie at Whole Hearted Country
I'm pretty sure my first words to her were, "You had me at sweet tea and SEC..."

Here are the questions asked by Alisha:
What is your favorite subject?
Math.  I love hands on fun and manipulatives.  Which is crazy because I was horrible at math in school.

How do you unwind after a long day?
I would like to say jog because that is what I should be doing in order to fit in my wedding dress!  Sometimes Scott and I go for a walk, sometimes I sit in front of the computer and blog, sometimes I work on stuff for school.  Can I say drink wine?  Is that allowed in the blogging world?

If you've had a stressful day, what is your guilty pleasure?
Please refer to previous question :)

What is your morning routine?  Do you have something specific you do each morning to pump you up for the day?
Hit the snooze.  And thirty minutes later I'm hitting the snooze again.  That's my routine.  Once I wake up I get pumped.  I'm pumped up about LIFE!

What is your classroom theme?  If you don't have one, what would your theme be?
My classroom theme would be clutter!  I'm in a mobile unit so it's hard to have a theme.  But I'm lovin the chevrons and polka dots!

What is your favorite thing about blogging?
The fabulous ideas!  And the fabulous teachers behind them!

Who/What inspired you to be a teacher?
Well, I'm a control freak so that explains a lot :)  I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in fourth grade.  I wrote a journal entry about it.  My mom is a teacher, my cousins are teachers, my grandmother got her education degree from Florida State University.  Education is kind of a big deal in my family.  Plus I have an obsession with office supplies...

What are your must haves for your classroom?
Office supplies, post its, index cards, sharpies of EVERY color, washi tape, colored paper...and a bottle of Advil!

What is your favorite book that you've read currently?
Hhmmm...crickets chirping...

What is your favorite show on Netflix?

What do you plan to do this summer?
Honeymoon in Europe!!!

Here are 11 random facts about myself:

1. I was raised on a dairy farm
2. I am fourth generation to that dairy farm
3. I like to dive and spearfish
4. I like to hunt for quail and dove (I have extensive knowledge on weaponry)
5. I used to get in trouble for reading in school
 (I would place my books inside my textbooks and act like I was reading the textbook)
6. I was a huge tomboy in school and never had any girlfriends until college
7. Now I have a TON of girlfriends and NINE of them are in my wedding!
8. My fiance and I knew each other in college but never dated
9. I'm getting married in less than fifty days!!!
10. I'm the oldest in my family and the last to get married (I'm 31!)
11. I'm left handed

So here are the 11 questions for my nominees:
1. What was your first job - before teaching?
2. What was your most embarrassing teaching moment?
3. If you were not a teacher, what would you be doing?
4. What motivates you?
5. What makes you UNmotivated?
6. Think of a time when you were brought to tears...in a good way!
7. I CAN"T live without...
8. But I CAN live without...
9. Do you have a favorite "space" in your classroom?
10. The best dessert....(I asked that because I just ate my usual sugar free cone and am dying for something else!)
11. Who do you most admire?

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  1. Hey Ashley, Thank you so much for thinking of me. That is so sweet. I was nominated twice this week and about a year ago. I hope you blog about your wedding. I can't wait to hear more about it. Congrats!

  2. Ashley, thank you for the nomination. I'm touched. My question is, can I still accept if I've been nominated before? I''m hoping that I can!! It's so much fun answering the questions! Thank you so very much!

    1. I've decided that it wouldn't be fair to accept the nomination because I've already received it and was nominated by two people. So sad, but super appreciative. Thank you, sweet Ashley!

  3. Ashley, thanks so much for the nomination! You're such a sweetie! I loved your crickets for the latest book you read...outside of children's literature it's been a while for me too. Best of luck on your upcoming wedding!!!
    Short and Sassy Teacher