Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sight Word Interventions and Organizing the Mayhem (and a FREEBIE)

I've recently started creating sight word packs that I've dubbed as my interventions.  Many of the activities I use for my low groups during guided reading and some of the activities I put into Word Work for Daily 5 - it all depends!

I've had many questions from friends that want to know how to do some of the activities and where/how do you organize all the crap???
(My mom teaches Kindergarten and mentioned that she was wondering what to do with all the pieces.)
To start off, I got these flat Tupperware boxes at Dollar General and labeled the front with which boxes hold supplies for which list.
 These boxes are flat but they are PERFECT for holding the games and all the pieces for each sight word set.

Hard/paper copies are placed in a binder.  I used tabs with numbers to identify which list was which... 

 All copies from list 1 go under the number 1 and so on.

Sight Word Scrambles

Some of my students have a difficult time with certain words.  I can usually identify which groups are struggling with which words the first day we introduce a new leveled book.  Then I'll spend the next day practicing that word for a minute or two.  Some days I'll spend doing strategy groups with certain students that need more interventions along with other skills.  Once again, it just depends!

 Before I start groups, I always have the supplies laid out.  That way, if I'm helping a few students get situated, they can already get started.

Below is a quick video showing one of my groups working on the word "came."  If you notice, I have a few words out to sorta guide them.  Once they unscramble it, they write it in a sentence.

After about two minutes, they bag the word back up and hand it over.  I place all the baggies in a larger bag with the focus word on a label.  This way, I can quickly identify what word is scrambled in that bag.

Sight Word Sort

Sometimes this activity will go into Word Work.  I'll put a set of words that I feel like my students need to review.

I use Velcro dots to hold the headers in place and I'll put the rest of the words in a bucket or a bag.

When the activity is completed, I'll put everything in a snack baggie with the "focus" word on the front.

This is a video of how I would use this activity in guided reading.  I might also use this activity in a strategy group if I see a few particular students struggling with just one word.

Spin, Read and Cover

This little game was driving me crazy for a minute.  My friends were trying to play it like Bingo, were one person would spin and ALL of them would cover that word.  If you did that then EVERYBODY would be winning at once!  
What I do is run one copy of the spinner and six copies of the cover page.  Then everybody spins one at a time and covers THEIR board with the word THEY spin.

This is a video of me using this game in a group.

If you like this activity, you can get a copy of one of them from Sight Word List 3 which is not even ready yet!  Just click on the picture.

As you can see, there is NO limit to what you can do with these activities!  And your students will all think it's just fun and games!  Happy teaching y'all!  It's almost Friday!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Peek at my Week Plans!

Having Halloween on a Friday can be a good thing or a bad thing.  The good thing is that it's on a Friday and all the craziness happens on Friday and you can go home and forget about it.  The bad thing is that your little friends KNOW its on a Friday and they talk about it all week and then get more and more excited as the week goes on.  I have an observation tomorrow.  Pray for my soul.

I'm linking up with DeeDee Wills for Peek at My Week.
And these plans are just that - a PEEK.  There is in no way that these plans are limited to what we do in any given school day.  I'm sure y'all will agree.  Now, this is my first rodeo so if I did it right, click on the plans and it will take you to viewer.  Then you can click on the pictures and it will take you straight to the resources.  Someone do me a favor and let me know if I didn't do it right.  Thanks!

Yes, that is Reagan Tunstall's SEPTEMBER math journal pack.  But we tracked out and had a three week fall break so I wanted to finish that pack :)

Have y'all ever read this book??  It is so stankin' cute and it teaches a really good lesson.  This little rabbit goes to a carrot field and steals carrots and then the carrots start to haunt him.  I have it in the listening to reading center for Daily 5 and my friends LOVE it.
Have a great week y'all and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Frightful Fonics!

I have been thoroughly enjoying my fall break.  Scott and I have made 2 trips to Florida in the past TWO weeks - CRAZY!  But I can't shake school from my brain.  I have one week left and my little friends will be back to school.  I knew that they were going to need some phonics review activities for Word Work for Daily 5 so I created this fun little Halloween phonics pack

 It focuses on a review of what we drilled over the last nine weeks.
 The first activity is real vs. nonsense words.  I found the cute little bat bag at Target in the dollar bin.
 The students pull a card and sort them onto the real or nonsense mats.
Then they record on their sheet.
Being in the great state of North Carolina, we have "accents."  Dang those middle vowel sounds!  So I made this activity especially for my little friends that have trouble with the middle vowel.
They sort the picture under the middle vowel sound and record the whole word on the bat with that vowel.

This activity includes two digraph sorts.  The first sort is with just words.
They read the word, sort it under the correct digraph and then write the word in the matching cauldron.
So then I made a sort with just the pictures so they have to listen for the sound.

The recording page has pictures they have to cut, sort and glue.
Before we left for the fall break, I was working on blends with my higher students.
So I made this activity for them.
They pull a card, determine the blend, and write the word on their recording sheet.  The cards have all been laminated so I'll give them a dry erase marker to write the blends on the cards as well.
And lastly, we are a school that does MCLASS assessments and I figure the more I drill on real and nonsense words the better!  Our middle of the year assessment is due in December (agh!) so I am really pumping out the activities that cover those skills.
My friends love anything with a stankin' spinner so I made this to practice onset and rime as well as to determine whether it was real or nonsense.

So there you have it - Halloween phonics!  I think my friends are gonna love it!
Only a few more days and I'm back to the grind!  I'm actually pretty excited to go back to school!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cauldron Count FREEBIE!

So I'm supposed to be on Fall Break right now but I can't help but continue to think about school.  Mostly, I've been thinking about what my friends are going to need a review on after a three week hiatus!  I was shopping at Michael's last week (#shocker) and found these little cauldrons...
$2 bucks for a pack of six and then with my teacher discount they came down to pretty cheap.

I bought enough to go all the way to 20 and wrote the numbers on them with a silver sharpie.
Then I made little candies with equations on them.  The students pull an equation, and place it into the cauldron with the total.
I also made a recording page for them to record the equations next to the total.

So stankin' cute!
And I made 4 different sets to accommodate a variety of needs :) 
You can get this activity HERE!

If you've been by the Dollar Tree, they have a TON of adorable things you can use for your classroom.
 Like these eyeballs and ice trays used as a ten frame!
Cara at the First Grade Parade has a way to make ten freebie but I need to create something that my first graders can use.  I need to make something so they can practice using a double ten frame...I'm still thinking about it...I'll keep ya posted.

Hope y'all are enjoying the Fall as much as I am!