Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Frightful Fonics!

I have been thoroughly enjoying my fall break.  Scott and I have made 2 trips to Florida in the past TWO weeks - CRAZY!  But I can't shake school from my brain.  I have one week left and my little friends will be back to school.  I knew that they were going to need some phonics review activities for Word Work for Daily 5 so I created this fun little Halloween phonics pack

 It focuses on a review of what we drilled over the last nine weeks.
 The first activity is real vs. nonsense words.  I found the cute little bat bag at Target in the dollar bin.
 The students pull a card and sort them onto the real or nonsense mats.
Then they record on their sheet.
Being in the great state of North Carolina, we have "accents."  Dang those middle vowel sounds!  So I made this activity especially for my little friends that have trouble with the middle vowel.
They sort the picture under the middle vowel sound and record the whole word on the bat with that vowel.

This activity includes two digraph sorts.  The first sort is with just words.
They read the word, sort it under the correct digraph and then write the word in the matching cauldron.
So then I made a sort with just the pictures so they have to listen for the sound.

The recording page has pictures they have to cut, sort and glue.
Before we left for the fall break, I was working on blends with my higher students.
So I made this activity for them.
They pull a card, determine the blend, and write the word on their recording sheet.  The cards have all been laminated so I'll give them a dry erase marker to write the blends on the cards as well.
And lastly, we are a school that does MCLASS assessments and I figure the more I drill on real and nonsense words the better!  Our middle of the year assessment is due in December (agh!) so I am really pumping out the activities that cover those skills.
My friends love anything with a stankin' spinner so I made this to practice onset and rime as well as to determine whether it was real or nonsense.

So there you have it - Halloween phonics!  I think my friends are gonna love it!
Only a few more days and I'm back to the grind!  I'm actually pretty excited to go back to school!


  1. Bonjour from Belgium! Super cute and useful phonics package. I added it to my cart immediately. My sweet Firsties will love it!

    1. My gosh, seriously? Belgium? Wow! Thank you - I hope you enjoy it!

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