Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cauldron Count FREEBIE!

So I'm supposed to be on Fall Break right now but I can't help but continue to think about school.  Mostly, I've been thinking about what my friends are going to need a review on after a three week hiatus!  I was shopping at Michael's last week (#shocker) and found these little cauldrons...
$2 bucks for a pack of six and then with my teacher discount they came down to pretty cheap.

I bought enough to go all the way to 20 and wrote the numbers on them with a silver sharpie.
Then I made little candies with equations on them.  The students pull an equation, and place it into the cauldron with the total.
I also made a recording page for them to record the equations next to the total.

So stankin' cute!
And I made 4 different sets to accommodate a variety of needs :) 
You can get this activity HERE!

If you've been by the Dollar Tree, they have a TON of adorable things you can use for your classroom.
 Like these eyeballs and ice trays used as a ten frame!
Cara at the First Grade Parade has a way to make ten freebie but I need to create something that my first graders can use.  I need to make something so they can practice using a double ten frame...I'm still thinking about it...I'll keep ya posted.

Hope y'all are enjoying the Fall as much as I am!


  1. Holy adorableness! I feel like I need to run off to the dollar store right now!

    Paiges of Learning