Saturday, September 27, 2014

Five for Friday and some Freebies!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching with some Five for Friday action.  And I always like to throw out some fun freebies along the way!
OMIWORD y'all!  One of the activities from my First Grade Phonics pack makes a DIRTY WORD!!!

This sweet precious baby spun the word and says "TIT."  My heart dropped and my face grew hot.  Did anybody hear her?  The rest of my small group continued to spin and work, not paying attention.  Then she continued to say, "Tit...tit...tit...I think that's a nonsense word."
I looked at her and said, "You're right!!!  I've NEVER heard of THAT word!"
Thank the Lord none of the other boys in the group heard - they would have had a field day.
The "clean" version has been updated so if you've bought it, please re-download it to avoid chaos!
Fall is in the air here in the Tar Heel State and I was DYING to get some new centers going.  So I sloooowly am starting to put some new stuff at word work from my It's Fall Y'all pack.
 For this activity the students have to find the two rhyming pictures out of the three.  I put the center into a fun Halloween bag I found at Dollar General.
And for a little something extra, I have them a box of pumpkins I found at Michael's and told them to put a pumpkin on the picture that DOESN'T rhyme.  By golly that made it ALL the more fun!
I have a bunch of other activities that I'll start to incorporate after we get back from fall break.  You can see some of the activities from this pack from THIS POST.

Work on Writing has started to become one of our favorite activities at Daily 5.  I always try to add new and exciting things.  Well, a few days before our fall break, I revamped the whole thing!
 I have a peg board that is the focal point at the Work on Writing center.  I usually hang words to help the students with spelling, I hang writing prompts and activities...
 But this particular day, I decided to throw some Halloween stuff in the mix.  (I was getting bored with the back to school decor.)  I found the garland at Michael's and the candy corn lights were $3 at Dollar General.
The clothespins were also a cheap find from Michaels.  If you would like copies of the Halloween word wall cards, you can get them HERE.
They got EXTREMELY excited but we were only 3 days from Fall Break so I figured I could handle a couple of days of crazy.  
To add to the fun of Work on Writing I have added Sticker Stories!  Oh, the fun of Sticker Stories!
The protocol for Sticker Stories is you use ONE sticker.  Last year, I had a little friend use approximately 27.  And there was no story.  Needless to say, he was banned from sticker stories.  (It hurts to do that sometimes...)
Then, once they choose the sticker, they create a scene around it.  And they go to town with a story.
 Yes, we are still working on putting periods in the right place.  Hey, the content was great on this one!
I keep sheets of stickers in a little basket under the peg board.  For every season I just change them out and they don't get bored!  Micheal's has seasonal packs for $1!  If you want a copy of the Sticker Stories page, you can get it HERE.
And lastly, last Thursday was my birthday and Scott and I flew to Alabama for the Gator game.  Not my idea of how I REALLY wanted to spend my birthday...but nonetheless, it was a good time.
I got so sick of hearing Roll Tide.

Have a great weekend friends!
and Go Gators.


  1. Ok I cracked UP at your "dirty word" phonics work - that is hilarious!! Why, yes, that is a nonsense word! I have gotten into that kind of trouble when I teach rhyming in kindergarten... let's just say they pick a word and keep rhyming with it and sometimes we go a little too far and I have to stop them before the words become something else! Gotta love teaching! :)

    1. Ok so the second year I taught first grade we were doing "ank" words and the smarty pants in the room raises her hand and says, "Skank! That's what my mom calls our next door neighbor!" Ahhh, first grade...

  2. Hi Ashley! That was hilarious with the "tit" and it being a "nonsense word". I think that wouldn't fly that well with my 3rd graders...I do like the activity though and I have an ELL student who just came to the states so it would be fun to try that game with him for phonics. Oh, and I used to live in FL up until HS...GO GATORS!

    A LoveLi Class