Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It was a Terrific Tuesday! (With A WHOLE LOTTA LITERACY!)

Um...it's cold up here y'all!  I'm tropical!  I called home and it's like 80 degrees in Florida...oh to be tan again:)

Hope everyone had an awesome three day weekend!  We started our Tuesday with our new fall centers.  And today couldn't have been a more perfect day in the cozy cottage!  (the mobile unit :)  I was so proud of their hard work.

They worked really hard making as many words as they could :)

And they did REALLY well with the sentence scramble this time...I actually thought some of them would be too difficult!

They did "delicate digraphs" and flicked the two spinners to make a word and then they had to write it under the digraph it fell under.

THEN they had to GO BACK and REREAD the words and sort them under Real or Nonsense.  Whew!

To help practice with CVC words, they had to look at the three pictures and determine which one out of the three didn't rhyme with the others and place a pumpkin on it.  Then they had to write the TWO words that DID rhyme.

I started adding a lot of comprehension pieces in their literacy stations and I was really impressed with how they picked out the key details in the text.  They really liked these fall mystery critters...

The students' visualizations were so stankin' cute!

These students had to read a passage with no picture clues.  Then they had to write about the problem and solution.  I loved the speech bubbles!

This passage was an informational piece where the students had to read it, pick out three key details and determine the topic.  This particular student even asked if he could do a quick sketch to go with his visualization - LUV IT!

Hope ya'll had a Tuesday as Terrific as mine!  Tomorrow is Hump DAAAAY!

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