Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs! (and a FREEBIE!)

My students are really good at helping me compile lists of nouns, adjectives and verbs, but then when it comes down to them identifying it out of a sentence, they have a little trouble!  So I made a couple of Thanksgiving themed sentences to help do a little review.  Once we talked through the first few, they started to get the hang of it.
I put all the sentences in a pocket chart.  This activity would also be great to use as a sentence scramble!

(Please excuse my disgusting white board :)
We read one sentence and then found just the noun and the adjective that describes the noun.  We'll go back and do it again, adding the verbs.  Right now I am trying to make sure they have a firm understanding of adjectives and nouns.

As they sorted them, they recorded them into their notebooks.

If you like it you are more than welcome to click on the picture to snag yourself a copy!
It's Free Y'all!

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