Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teachers are Heros Sale and March Work on Writing Freebies!

There's a BIG SALE going on tomorrow that you don't wanna miss!!!
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One of my newest products that my friends are loving is their new Work on Writing activities for March!
I have to admit, after the buzz of Valentine's Day, I had to change it out and put something new up.  I'm so ready for Spring, so a change in my writing center had to be done!
I created word wall words that centered around my writing prompts.  I included St. Patrick's Day, weather, and plants and gardening.
I found the clothespins, ribbon and garland at Michael's.  I am not allowed to walk into that store for a very long time.  My husband added up my expenses for the month and let's just say he wasn't happy.  I just can't NOT go in there and NOT buy fun stuff!!! 
 You can get the word wall cards HERE FOR FREE!
My friends sometimes enjoy doing different activities at Work on Writing.  I made these little booklets for them to use when they aren't in the mood for prompts.
They simply choose a word from the wall, draw a pic and put it in a sentence.
You can get the booklets HERE FOR FREE!
My writing center is just a cozy little corner with not much space...
So that is why I keep my writing prompts on a ring for easy removal. 
Many of my friends take them off the hook and move to a cozy spot in the room where they would like to sit and work.
This writing pack includes several different writing paper options.  I chose this one so that my friends can get their thinking going with a little illustration at the top.

Your Work on Writing center is SURE to be a hit with all these fun writing options!  The best thing about it???  Once it's done, it's done FOR THE WHOLE MONTH!
Super easy to assemble!  Super fun once it's done!

Don't forget to mark your calendars to join in on the big sale!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

HUGE Giveaway!

It's my girl's Blogiversary and she's celebrating BIG!!
Kristin from My Carolina Classroom is doing a HUGE giveaway with TONS of products!
It's so big, she has a K-2 giveaway and a 3-5 giveaway.  There's over $180 worth of products!
Now y'all head right on over and celebrate with her and enter for a chance to win one of the prizes!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Five for Friday on a Valentine's Day!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching!  It's been a CRAZY week!  Anyone else out there barely make it?  It was long.  We had our Valentine celebration.  And the 100th day of school is Monday.

We have been studying 2D shapes.  I needed some activities to put into my math tubs for Guided Math but I didn't want to run any worksheets.  So I (quickly) made this pack for hands on fun!

The activities included are identifying a certain shape among other shapes...

 Counting sides and vertices...

 Sorting by number of sides and vertices...
 Sorting shapes regardless of their non-defining attributes...
And using shapes to create new ones.

 My students fell IN LOVE with their new word work activities!  Right now we are studying vowel teams so I created this LOVELY little pack for them!
Some of the activities include rolling a vowel team and coloring the matching word...
 And sorting cookies by the vowel team.
 I got a little carried away with this one.  I found the aprons from Target on sale and I found the pancake flippers and pans from Dollar Tree.
 And then I used my Silhouette to put the vowel teams at the top.
 And they also love playing this little game with a partner.
On Thursday, my students decorated their Valentine pouches to hold all their craziness.
 One of the amazing first grade TA's (I have four amazing TA's) took two hearts and stapled them together and there ya go!  She did them for two classes!  That's over 40!

 She wrote she loved Valentine's Day!  I love Valentine's Day too.  Just not when my little friends act like savage animals :)  It was Valentine's Celebration, early release, possible chance of snow, Friday the 13th, and the anticipation of 100th day on Monday, all rolled into one.  You can only imagine.
 I couldn't resist making some little goodies for my babies.

I also got some really cute treats from my friends!  This mug is ADORBS!  They know me all too well!

Now it's time to get ready for the 100th day of school!  
I am WAAAAY too excited about it.  
I plan on using Cara Carroll's 100th Day of School Math Stations.
I also saw on Pinterest where there is this app that makes your face look old...

It's called the Aging Booth.  I did it for all my students and printed them out!  It's so creepy!  And they are working on what life if going to be like when they are 100.  When I get the writing page done I'll set it up as a freebie!  So check back!

And lastly, my AMAZING husband surprised me with a little something for Valentine's Day.  He lied and said that maybe we won't buy anything this year.  I was cool with that.
I was even cooler with this!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day!  I told my husband that since I received such an amazing gift I would take him anywhere he wanted to go for lunch.  He wants to go to Dick's Sporting Goods and Tijuana Flats.  Well okay then.

Have a great weekend!