Friday, September 5, 2014

Five for Friday! It's been a while...

It's been so long since I've done Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs!

First up: Guess who won the Boosterthon Poster Contest???  
We get lunch from the PTA!  My TA created the poster and he was on cloud nine because he, I mean, "we" won!
Last weekend Scott and I went out to the mountains with some friends.  I was carsick the whole time.

I'm a Florida girl.  And I don't like heights.

I'm trying a new classroom management technique.  I have a few boys in my room that are a little "rowdy."  If they fill up the barrel someone gets to draw a prize from the envelope for the whole class.  We've had four apples for two weeks.  Anybody got any other ideas that might work?  Or am I just gonna have to grab a bottle and hunker down?
It's September and I was chompin' at the bit to break out the Apple Literacy Centers!
I could tell they were getting tired of the same old from Daily 5.  
I love September...And not just because it's my birthday month!

I have some little friends come into first grade not knowing very many sight words.  Oh my!  So I made an intervention pack to help them practice.  My kids ended up liking it so much that my TA taught my higher students how to play and they use it at Daily 5 for practice.
Some of the activities include Spin, Read and Cover.
Spin, Read and Graph...
And sight word sentence scrambles.
I also have them sort sight words...
And unscramble them.

All of these activities are included in my Interventions with Good Intentions pack!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!


  1. Love all of the sight word practice! As far as the behavior management... have you tried teacher vs class tally? For each work period, either the class or teacher gets a tally. If it is during reader's workshop and the class is on task, following directions, etc then the class earns a tally. If the class needs too many reminders then the teacher earns a tally. I do this for each work period such as math, reading, and writing. By Friday, we look to see who has the most tallies. If the class is winning, then they get a reward. If the teacher has more than the class, then no reward. I start over at the beginning of each week. I typically will allow the class to have 10-15 minutes of free choice.
    Hope this helps! Looks like you have had a productive start to the school year!


    1. Wow - I really like this idea! Thanks! I'm going to try it!