Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Math Fun!

Is it bad that I'd rather spend my Saturday night at home???  Scott was out of town and I took every advantage of hanging out in peace and quiet.  Our wedding is RIGHT around the corner.  I have bridesmaids that still haven't ordered their dresses - move it heifers!  (Why no - I'm not a BRIDEZILLA!)  My mom made 200 jars of homemade guava jelly for wedding favors and I decided that on my peaceful evening at home, that I would make tags for them...
Aren't they adorable???  I got the print from a sweet girl on Etsy...
It took a LONG time to cut them.

So in the midst of all my wedding planning I have managed to get school work done as well (sleep?  anyone?)

We do word problems in our math notebooks every single day.  But I am REALLY bad at running to the computer (as my students are opening their math notebooks) and quickly whipping up a word problem.  I know.  Not cool.  So I sat down in front of the TV one night and came up with 30 of them!  Ready to go!  All I had to do was print them and my teacher's assistant cut them all out and put them in individual baggies.  All I have to do is grab one and go!

I wanted to make sure the students would be able to use illustrations to help them create an equation...
And I also tried to include a variety of higher level thinking.
As I said, I made 30.  20 of them for interactive notebooks and 10 on cards for math centers.
If you are interested, you can get them HERE.

For some reason, my babies are starting to enjoy math more and more these days.  This week we focused on NBT.3 which is taking two two digit numbers and using the >, < and = symbols to compare them.  I wanted to take it a little further than that and make it a little more rigorous.  We started out with the basic comparing of two digit numbers.  I created two different sets to differentiate my instruction.  One with numbers to 20 and another set with numbers up to 100.
This friend is taking the sort we did the first day and is practicing it during math tubs.  It's funny because we have such a limit on copies and the students have gotten so used to just drawing a line down the middle of a piece of blank paper!

So after we gained a concept of the symbols and comparing the two digit numbers, I created a set where the students had to compare equations.  This one was tricky.  I made two sets for this one - one set with equations to 10 and one set with equations to 20.  But once we gained an understanding, we were able to do the same activity in our interactive math notebooks.

I also continued the comparing using ones and tens blocks.  I don't have a picture of the sort, but it's the same concept.  The activity that goes in their interactive math notebooks is actually a little trickier because they have to read the symbols and sort them accordingly.

If you need a pack for NBT.3 you can get it HERE.

I made sure that when I made it, I included lots of differentiation and activities for interactive notebooks.

Hope y'all have a fabulous Sunday!

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