Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I'm linking up with Christina at Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday!

What kind of stuff did y'all get for Teacher Appreciation?


  1. Ours was right in the middle of testing this year so things were a little crazy. We did get an amazing meal catered to us one day!

    LOVE that mug!

    A Rocky Top Teacher

  2. OOO I'm jealous! Target and Michaels gift cards!?!?!? You lucky girl! I got a cute note and a gift certificate to an ice cream place. We also have some very thoughtful parents who brought in tasty treats!
    Endeavors in Education

  3. How wonderful! I got lots of hugs!!!!!!!! :)

    Soaring Through Second

  4. OOooooO! Love! I got a few Dunkin gift cards, a Wendy's gift card, and an Olive Garden gift card. A few of my girls picked out and made gifts that match my classroom decor colors. LOL They know my OCD all too well. Is it blue, green, yellow, or brown? Yes? Ok, Mrs. Nardone will take it! :)

    Creativity to the Core

  5. How sweet! Our PTSA treated us to a huge array of sweets and a coffee cart.