Friday, May 16, 2014

Five for Friday and some FREEBIES!

I'm linking up for FIVE FOR FRIDAY!

I'll admit that I'm not very organized.  I'm trying to get better - but it's really difficult!
One thing that I'm doing to get more organized for next year is organize all my math junk.
I went out and bought four tubs and separated all my materials, centers, manipulatives, etc. into whatever standard they are.
Then, all the hard paper copies I separated into this binder.
When you open it up, all the copies are separated by standard.
I went to Wal-Mart and grabbed those heavy duty plastic dividers and labeled them by each standard.
If you want the binder cover and tub labels, you can grab them HERE.

Since my math stuff is so stankin' organized, I was able to quickly find what I needed to teach time.  We used activities from my Time's A Tickin' Pack.
These activities included time sorts...
And while we were sorting, they would draw the hands and write the times on their response sheets.

We also completed a couple of activities in our interactive math notebooks.

Since it's so close to summer, I went ahead and broke out the shells from Florida!
But I didn't want them just playing around and digging in the box.  I wanted them doing something meaningful while still getting to use the shells.  So I created this little activity...

My Teacher's Assistant shrank them two to a page and made them into little booklets.  Each booklet has four pages so they can draw and describe four different shells and one so they can write about their favorite shell - so five total.  And of course, the title page on the front.

My TA ended up stapling the five pages inside a piece of construction paper and gluing the title page on the front.
The activity turned out so dang cute!  They were all asking if they could go to that center!
If you want a copy of the shell observation book, you can get it HERE.

And lastly, one of my students made me Teacher of the Year!  It was so stankin' cute!  I thought this was so clever :)

Okay so I think that was only it okay if we only have four?  

Here's a quick number five - how can that face not make ya smile???

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  1. First of all, what?? You have a teacher's assistant? How cool is that! As cool as that cute little dog, I'd say! Love your organization and binder. Tat is really a terrific idea!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Teachers Are Terrific!