Saturday, December 14, 2013

Only One More Week!

So I LOVE the things that Kristen posts on A Day in First Grade.  She's so stankin' creative!  She had posted some pics of a pretty little peg board that she had decorated with garland, lights and ornaments...I just HAD to do one too!  "How lovely and easy" I thought.  Well...mine didn't turn out as lovely as hers.
I'm serious - if you saw Kristen's and then looked at mine you would think, "Epic fail, Toms...Epic..Fail."
BUT, the kids have really enjoyed it and that's all the matters, right?

I made these cute little writing prompts to go across the front.
They have really enjoyed opinion writing this month!  If you would like a copy, the first five people to comment can get them for free!

My current obsession right now?  All things glitter.  And more glitter.  Our house looks like it's been crop dusted by a pixie.  I've been going a little cray, cray with the Silhouette this holiday season...
I've been making the most darling little ornaments for my friends and family...a Pinterest idea for sure!
And of course I had to make one for Scott and I :)

Some girls off my team went with me to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale this week.  OMG...there was so much STUFF!  I couldn't pay attention to one thing for very long.  
And the books were super cheap.  I got a bunch of paperbacks for $2.50 a pop!
If you have one in your area I highly suggest going.  And take some was way too much fun!

The first grade team had their "Dirty Santa" Christmas party last night.  Although, my gift wasn't very "dirty."

We had a good time.  I love these girls!

Lastly, I'm very excited about making memories this holiday season because it's Scott and I's first Christmas as an engaged couple!  Insert "awwww" <here>.
We went out and bought a massive tree, had a "date night" and decorated it.
All we have are ornaments and a tree skirt.  We don't have any stockings or other holiday decor but we figured we'd collect that as we go.  We'll be together FOR-EV-ER!

Happy Holidays!


  1. I love all the gold ornaments. I'm your newest follower. Love your blog!
    Stephanie from Principal Principles

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I appreciate it for sure! Would you like to have the writing prompt pack?

  3. Love the gold glitter ornaments!!!
    Its fun to see the "common core" stretch from your first grade to my middle schoolers in reading. We are also enjoying opinion writing.