Monday, December 23, 2013

13 in '13 Linky Party!

I just failed my North Carolina driving test!  Who does that?  FAILS a driving test???  Oh, wait - I DO!  I was in such a foul mood but then I saw this linky party and thought "Sweet relief!"
I've linked up with Dragonflies in First, A Teeny Tiny Teacher and Miss Kindergarten for their annual 13 in '13 linky party!  I can't believe this year is already over.  Scott and I were just celebrating New Year's 2012!

Hhhmmmm...I would have to say the maxi skirt.  I have one that I absolutely lived in this summer.  It's pretty bad when your fiance asks, "Did you just dig that out of the dirty clothes hamper?"  I plan on collecting more this summer.  They are perfect for those long summer days when you haven't been to the gym!

I'll be honest - I didn't watch many movies this year.  But I am a total traditionalist and EVERY year my family watches the same movies at the same time.  CURRENTLY I am watching Christmas Vacation.  My family will text me random quotes from the movie - my aunt texted me one yesterday!  We always like to quote the movie when we are together but this year with me being in North Carolina and them being in Florida we have to resort to text :(

"Why is the carpet all wet Todd???"
"I don't KNOW MARGO!"

Is it bad that I don't even watch TV???  Boy, I am not doing good with this linky.  Well, being that I am now engaged and live with a stinky boy, all we watch is the sports channel.  Golf, football, basketball...we have three TV's in this house and all three are usually on a sports channel.  It wasn't until yesterday that my mother-in-law was here and took over and said that we were going to watch Christmas movies on Hallmark.  But, when I get a spare moment (or a TV to myself), I love the Big Bang Theory!

It's a gem!  The finest steak in the world!  Bern's Steakhouse.  If you are ever in Tampa, Florida, and are looking for a unique dining experience, go to Bern's.  

Not only is it a historical piece of Tampa, it's the most incredible dining experience.

Step classes.  After the class was over the instructor said, "Well now you tried real hard didn't ya?"

 Well DUH! 
What makes it even better is that he designed the ring himself!  He was SOOOO worth the wait!!!

I don't have one thing in particular that I pinned that has been my favorite - I love everything I pin!  But I did pin these to my wedding board...
And my sweet Mama saw I had wanted them for my wedding shoes and went out and bought them!

I haven't been blogging for very long - just a couple of months - so I don't have many blogs to speak of.  But one that I do love is when I received such a sweet card from someone at school and posted about "Random Acts of Kindness"

Realizing that it's not all about me anymore.  I have someone else in my life and I need to stop being selfish.  I am learning to compromise and work with someone else.  For me, that is a HUGE accomplishment!

This one is easy...

It was the day we got engaged.  Scott had made a little picnic by the pond.  My sister said I could have at least had my nails done - I had no idea!

Another easy one...
Having my favorite ladies travel far and wide to be there to help me find my wedding dress!  From left to right:
Maggie (my future mother in law), Betty (bestie and bridesmaid), my sweet Momma (yes, she has black hair, mine is blond), Ana (bestie and bridesmaid), Melany (my cousin's daughter and bridesmaid), Sarah (my crazy cousin I've rolled with since birth and bridesmaid), and Jenny (cousin by marriage and bridesmaid).
I wish everyone could have made it.  I loved having everyone there!  
And I did find THE dress...I am so IN LOOOVE with it.  Sometimes I just open the bag to stare at it...

To pray more.  And to pray more with Scott.  He and I are trying to get into the habit of spending the evenings together and talking and he has mentioned he wants to pray more together.  So that is a goal for both of us.


Colossains 3:23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men

What's YOUR 13 in 2013?

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