Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Word Work Through the Year and a Sale!

I'm going to keep it real.  When it comes to small humans, you have to keep them entertained.  Some get bored rather easily and try to find solstice in something they're not supposed to.  When centers are far too difficult, they are constantly interrupting you during your time with other students.

  Teaching is such an art.  You have to keep these small humans entertained while they are supposed to be working independently.  And you, as the teacher, are supposed to be working in small groups, progress monitoring, etc.  One thing I've learned over the years is to make sure Word Work is entertaining all the while remaining educational and thought provoking.

I've created Word Work Centers for every month of the school year.  By the time my students get bored, it's time to switch them out anyway!  Many of the activities can be done independently, but I've also created some activities that require partnership and working together.  Adding buckets, bags or fun erasers make the centers all the more intriguing. 
Scroll through and see my students in action!  

Get ready for back to school and have your ENTIRE YEAR ready to go!
It's on sale through tomorrow!

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