Thursday, May 12, 2016

Teaching Economics on First Grade!

This unit was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed teaching it.  And my students enjoyed it as well.  I also wanted my students to be able to take away what they learned so making this LapBook was perfect!
I started the unit by reading about wants and needs on PebbleGo.  My school has access to it and it was the perfect intro.
These are a few books I have on my radar for next year...
You can view this one HERE.
 and this one HERE.
Then, completed this chart to discuss needs and wants.  Some of the things listed helped us get deeper into conversation about what we REALLY need.  For instance, one student said we might need a hat to shield us from the sun, but we don't need a fancy one like the one shown.
After our sort, we broke off into our independent work where the students completed the first section of their LapBooks.  I also had them complete their front cover on this day.
The next day we took a look at goods and services.  
These are a few good books to introduce the concept.  In addition, these books would be great for topic and details as well as comparing two books on the same topic!  (Fit those standards in!)
You can view this one HERE
 and this one HERE
After reading, we completed this sort.
Then we broke off in our independent activity and sorted our own little goods and services.  As the students are working, I make little observation notes (great for an informal assessment).
The next day I wanted to focus on just services and I also wanted my students to think if that person providing the service also produces a good.  I put up these posters one at a time and we talked about them as a group.
After we completed our discussion, we broke off and completed our independent activity where the students wrote the service each person provided.

In addition to this activity, I wanted my students to make a connection to themselves and think about what service they would provide when they were older.
"When I grow up I want to be a police officer because I want to help people and save the day and help the world."
He's got my vote :)

The next day was a focus on producers and consumers.  These are a few good picks to open this concept.  There are probably some text features in there too!
You can view this one HERE
 and this one HERE
On this day, I provided the students with different scenarios in which they had to determine if it was a consumer or a producer.

For their independent activity, they had to think of a producer and consumer on their own.
Fold it all up, tie it with a bow and viola!

We also read this book to talk about making choices with money.
It also teaches a lesson which covers central message or lesson in your standards! 

I wanted to add a few things to this pack:

*making choices with money
*resources that make goods

Any suggestions???

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