Monday, May 2, 2016

Camping in the Classroom and Teacher Appreciation Sale!

How excited are we for the big Teachers Pay Teachers sale???

I'm also counting down the days till the last day of school.  The last few days can be CRAZY!  I created this pack to give my students a memorable last few days and have them leaving with a BANG!
It is probably the funnest pack I've ever created.  It's filled with crafts and writing activities to keep your students busy, busy, busy!

Each pack comes with an easy craft for the students to create while at each station.

 Station signs and directions make it easy for your students to move through the room and know what to do.

 I also like to include either a picture of how to make the craft or the actual craft itself.

 This station was a favorite!  I had a ton of parents donate the snacks for the tail mix.
We were eating off of it for about three days!

And of course, I had to add a few extra special touches.  One of my TA's brought in a tiny tent and we strung lights over the top for a "starry night" look.
I also made little "bug" lanterns and filled them with battery operated lights.
 I created a "fire" out of rolled up construction paper and tissue paper.  I added orange lights underneath for an added effect.  There were also "forest sounds" playing on Pandora.  This kept them extra quiet because they wanted to be able to hear!
You give them their checklist to keep track of the stations and off they go!!  

 Getting everything set up is the hardest part.  But the amount of joy they had on the last few days made it all worth while!

Be sure to stock up before the sale!  My cart is FULL and ready for checkout on May 3rd!

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