Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Holy Craziness.  I moved to Maryland in January.  Then I had to move again in August.  At that point, I had gotten a job and was trying to figure out a new grade level AND move into my house and out of my apartment.
I'm still extremely stressed and trying to get my head above water.  BUT, after two months of being out of the loop I'm back to share something that I incorporated into my classroom this year.
Someone at the school I was subbing at these past six months was GETTING RID of these microscopes!!!  Nobody wanted them!!!!  Seriously?!?!  And they're super heavy duty.  I looked them up on Amazon and they're $80 a piece!!!
So I took them and thought about how to use them somehow.
 Then I thought if we had microscopes we need LAB COATS!!!  Scientists wear lab coats when they investigate.  I found THESE on Amazon as well...
 I also didn't have very many slides and I bought THESE  slides at a pretty good price.  They include gross things like brains and bugs! I like that they come in a sturdy cedar box.
 Once my exploration station was complete, I found a cozy corner in my classroom for the set up.  I hung the lab coats on a hook and the height of the counter is perfect for my little friends.
Every morning before my students come in, I write the names of the next two students on the board with a wipe off marker.  As they are coming in and get unpacked, they don't have to ask who's turn it is.
 I created this observation booklet for them to complete as they are exploring the slides...
 They tell me what specimen they chose and draw a picture of what it looks like.  I also have them tell me why they chose that specimen.
 It's Super Easy and the students love it.  We have about 15 minutes before the bell rings for us to get started and that's just enough time for them to explore.
 They put on their lab coats and hop to it!

I only have two scientists per day so while these friends are at Exploration Station, the rest of my friends are doing Brooke Brown's STEM Bins.

Mornings are SUPER busy in Mrs. Johnson's class but it's full of learning!

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