Friday, April 8, 2016

Fun with 3D shapes!

I'm in a county where the entire curriculum is completely planned out but they give us what's called "flex days" where we can review, assess or teach some new skills.
This teacher decided she would have some fun with 3D shapes!

It all started with the Harry Kindergarten song on YouTube.
If I did it correctly, you can click the link below to see it.
It goes over 3D shapes, and what they look like and where you can find them in the world.

I like to do pocket chart sorts.  After showing the video and letting students observe actual 3D shapes we completed this sort so students could see the difference between 2D and 2D shapes.

Then we also completed this sort so students could see what shapes in the world are 3D...
Before students go to their centers, I have "exit tickets."  
These printables are great for a review of what we've learned the day before and to show me what they know.

To dig a little deeper with 3D shapes, we get our hands on some and play around with them.  My school has 3D shapes in the die-cut machines so I was able to give each student their own shape.  (I actually lay in bed while watching TV and tape these together.  It takes a few days, but it's worth it in the end.)
The students put a face sticker on the faces, they line the edges, and they put a star on the vertices.  This helps with counting and understanding the different attributes of the shapes.

 "Math on the floor" is an absolute favorite.  Every year after this activity I am told, "Mrs. Johnson, that was fun!" 
 We experiment with each 3D shape and observe whether it can roll, stack, or slide.  I found that this activity was really helpful for this group of students because it lead to discussions as to why a certain shape would roll.  It helped us learn new vocabulary such as curved and flat surfaces.
Then we took a moment to compare some shapes that rolled and stacked.  Had I had more time, we would have done more comparing.
#teacherproblems  #neverenoughtime

I did, however, take some time to do some 3D shape riddles.  These are always a good way to get partners to participate in math talk and to problem solve together.

This is only a glimpse of some of the activities available in my newly updated 2D and 3D shape math pack!  What's better is it's on sale!

Have a great weekend friends!

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