Monday, April 11, 2016

Fruitful Fractions Freebie!

I found these darling little fruit erasers at the Target Dollar Spot and KNEW that I had to use them for something!  I also found this Astrobrights paper that was the perfect color combination of the fruit!

I bought these stackable boxes for my students to practice fractions.  Specifically halves and fourths.  I numbered the boxes with little number stickers.  For each box, I divided the fruit into halves or fourths.
Then I made this little recording page.  Now keep in mind, this activity was made to review fractions in my small math groups.  The students pick the numbered box, and pull the fruit.  This student was working on box number three.  He pulled the fruit, saw that there was only one pineapple out of four pieces of fruit.  Then he divided the coordinating shape into the matching fraction.
This activity is for my high flyers that need to go beyond halves and fourths.  They get a small scoop of fruit, place it in the middle, and count and record the total number of fruit.
Then, they divide the fruit...
and record how many of each and turn it into a fraction.
When they're done, they erase and get a new scoop!
You can get this activity for FREE HERE!
Enjoy friends!

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