Sunday, March 8, 2015

Long Vowel Interventions (trying to break the sounding out habit)

I like to try to do my blogging on Saturday mornings, sometimes even on Friday nights.  But this weekend was a little too hectic and the sun was shining and I went to have brunch in downtown on Saturday morning with some friends!
 One thing led to another, we went to a cupcake shop and before you know it I was shopping at a high end consignment store!  By the time I got home, it was 3 o'clock and I needed a nap!
Sounds like such a hard day, doesn't it?

So, I figured I'd do a little update with what's going on in my teaching life.
Ahhh...Interventions.  I have a love/hate relationship with interventions.  I hate it when one of my little friends needs them, love it when they work.
I created this pack last year to help with CVC, blends and digraphs interventions.  They really helped my babies in my low group.
But then, alas, as my little friends started moving into long vowels, THEY KEPT SOUNDING THEM OUT.  I would give them a word such as CAPE and they would sound it out as CAP.
(insert giant sigh <HERE>)
Bless their hearts.  What could I do to help them???
I just couldn't let them go on with out SPECIFIC instruction.  Which is why I created this pack.
I needed activities to help break them of sounding out CVCE words.  These are some of the activities included...
 I wanted them to be able to go back and forth between long and short vowels, and distinguish the difference between the two.
 I wanted them to be able to take the letters of a long vowel word and unscramble them...
 and to be able to see the "magic e" at the end of the words.
I wanted them to practice reading the words..
 and drawing a picture to match.
 I wanted them to be able to say the picture...
 and practice writing the word.
 After all these activities had been completed over a serious of a few days, I gave them a list of long vowel words.  They had to read them and highlight the real words.
 And write the real words underneath.
 Then they spun long vowel words...
 made their list...
 and highlight the real words.
 This activity includes long and short vowels because I wanted my students to be able to go back and forth and read between the two.
Each week, I focus on ONE vowel at a time, which is why a majority of these pictures are long A.  I wanted to drill down on one vowel over the course of a week and next week I'll move on to another vowel.  I have been very impressed how diligently my little friends complete each activity.  And I can see the light bulbs starting to go off!

Now...I need interventions for vowel teams.  (I hang my head down low, and sigh) because bless their hearts, they are sounding out MEAT as MET.  Looks like I'll have a vowel team intervention pack coming out as well!

If you haven't purchased either pack, I've put them in a bundle for you to SAVE!

Teach on friends!

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