Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fun with Phonics in January!

 Howdy!  Howdy!
It's cold outside!  I think we're in the single digits this morning!
  I've been enjoying my winter break (year round - I get 5 weeks off - don't hate) and next week the husband is taking me on a ski trip to Park City, Utah!  WOOOOO!!!!!  I've been in my closet putting together some cozy outfits.  Here are just a few I've set aside as for sure's...

Aren't winter outfits darling???  
Being from Florida, I NEVER had winter clothes, let alone a pair of boots that WEREN'T western.  Now my closet is full of cozy knits!

Now, even though I am on winter break I've still been working on things I know my students are going to need practice on when they return.  They definitely are going to need activities in their Word Work drawers for Daily 5 and they are going to need review on long vowels.
So, now we have the 4th set of phonics activities!

We do MCLASS and nonsense words have become a part of our everyday routine.  This activity focuses on real and nonsense words in the form of long vowels.
I still have some friends that are struggling with identifying the difference between a short and a long vowel.  This activity will be perfect for them!
I created 2 spinner activities.  This will help them with onset and rime.  One is for words with long i...
and the other is for words with long a...
I also wanted my friends to be able to look at a picture, say the word, and HEAR what vowel sound it has.
So I created this activity for them to sort just pictures.
Then when they are done sorting, they can cut the pictures and match them to the word.
This activity I created to help them read and spell long vowels with ing.
They start off reading the long vowel word, then they take the snowball and put it in the circle to make the new word.  I put the snowball on a stick for a little added fun :)
I had to end on funny is this dog???  I came downstairs and this is how he was sleeping.  All fours in the air!

Stay warm friends!

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