Saturday, January 24, 2015

February Work on Writing (and FREEBIES!)


I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with this little corner of heaven in my classroom!  My students are beginning to love writing center more and more and I intend on keeping it that way!  No, I'm not back in school yet (hehe) but I did go into my classroom to get all this set up for when they return.
I always hang seasonal words up with cutesie little clothespins.  I always find them at Michael's.  
You can get these word wall words HERE for free!
I am looking at these pictures and they are awful!  I keep telling my husband I need a new camera for my classroom but the answer is always no...hhhmmmm...I need to find a way to sweet talk him.
Anywho, let's move on!
 My students love making little booklets.  Kristen Smith from A Day in First Grade gave me the original idea for these word wall books.  Students just choose a word from the wall!
You can get the books HERE FOR FREE!
I keep all the little books in this little basket.
I also keep stacks of sticker books for Sticker Stories.  My students can get pretty creative.
At the bottom of my peg board are all the writing prompts that my students can choose from.
Some of the prompts the students have to use their imagination!  There isn't a lot of room at the writing center for all the students to sit so these cards on the ring make it easy for them to grab what they want to write and find a place to sit.
I wanted pages that were "one size fits all."  So students just take the matching page and respond.
Everything is stored neatly in these clear file holders from Staples.
Some of my students still like to map their ideas.  I created these think sheets to help them do that but I didn't want to run all those copies.  So what I did was run the think sheets on colored card stock and laminated them.  They map their ideas with wipe off marker and then record their ideas on paper.
Behind the think sheets are the response pages.  I chose the ones where the students can start off with a little illustration.
 And I ran them front to back for the "over achievers."
This is the letter template I chose because many of my students don't know how to correctly write a letter just yet.
And there are even little envelopes for the letters once they are done!
There are a TON a writing activities that I know my firsties are gonna LOVE with they get back from this long break!  The best thing about this center?  It's done for the whole month!

Have a great weekend!


  1. How cute! I love your decorations! I can't seem to download the word wall words or books! Any ideas? They are so cute!

    1. Okay Christine - Try it again! I didn't open the google doc when I linked it. It should work now but let me know just in case. Sorry for the delay!