Sunday, July 6, 2014

Well Hello There! It's a Sunday Smorgasbord!

How long has it been?  Like for-ev!

I'm linking up with Michelle at Fabulous in First!

First of all, Scott and I JUST got back from our Honeymoon!  We went to St. Lucia and it was amazing!

The country was amazing.  The food was amazing.  The vacation itself was amazing.  My husband did an amazing job planning this trip!  Now it's back to reality and getting back to working out :(

Since summer started, I've also gotten into the decorating bug.
I LOOVE Marshall's!
I found this darling little His & Hers pillow.

And remember when my husband was working on adding shelving to our bathroom?
I was very concerned about this project because my husband doesn't know how to build...

The shelving turned out great!
I found some  flowers and baskets at Marshall's and the print in the fabric is the exact colors of the walls.

Okay, so that post was totally random, but that's the beauty of Sunday Smorgasbord!

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  1. Love your honeymoon pictures and those shelves! Great job Hubs!!! Sorry you had to come back to reality so soon :(

    Short and Sassy Teacher