Saturday, July 12, 2014

Keeping Track of Sight Words and a FREEBIE!

One thing that I notice that I do from year to year is quickly scribble sight words on index cards and throw 'em in a bucket.  Nothing is ever organized and I don't know who needs to work on what.  So this summer, I have taken the time to create sight word cards - printed and beautifully laminated.  I got the sight words from Maria Monroe at Kinder-Craze.  She has a post on how she made her sight word cards.  You can read all about her post HERE.  You can get her FREE sight words HERE.
To start, you are going to need Avery shipping labels.
I had some pretty cardstock that I had purchased from Michaels.  I cut those up and put the labels on them.  I did this all while watching Lifetime movies :)...
Then I ran them through the laminator...

I just get all warm and fuzzy when everything is coated in heavy plastic!  I also notice that when a student is "thinking" they fold and bend the cards.  This will make them a little more durable.
So then I purchased a file folder from Wal-Mart for about $4.
It keeps all the words in order.
I ended up buying three of them to keep the words separated.  I used a silver Sharpie to label the folders.  But then I thought, how am I gonna know who knows what?
So I made somewhat of a little assessment piece that I might be able to use.  I plan on giving the student the words and just have them read through them, kinda like how they do on our MCLASS assessments.  I made a recording page so that I can keep track as they read.  I also left some space under each word because sometimes I write what they said if they got the word wrong.  For instance, if they see the word "like" but say "lick," I'll write "lick" under it so I can have a reference during conferences and such.
Then I made this sheet to keep track of multiple assessments.  This little baby will keep all the scores in one place.
And if I want to keep track of my guided reading groups and what words we need to focus on, I'll use this form.  This will give me a quick shot of my groups as a whole.  I don't plan on putting my whole class on every list because some students are going to be far beyond certain words.  I'll have this form ready to go while I'm working with that group.  As we work with our words, I'll be able to tell who knows a word, who doesn't and I''ll be able to quickly check it off on the list.

I'm hoping that these forms will help me stay a little more organized this year and a little more informed with my students.  You are more than welcome to get these forms for free HERE.

What are some ways you keep track?

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