Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tips for Meet the Teacher!

15 of the most wide eyed and terrified future firsties walked into my classroom today to meet their new teacher.  I swear every year they get more and more precious (this doesn't mean I'm ready for a baby right?)  I actually really enjoy meet the teacher.  And I always want to set the tone for the new school year.  I LOVE making little treat bags for my newbies.  My mom teaches Kindergarten and gave me those poems where you would have to get all the pieces...for instance, a starburst (because you're a star in my class), a sticker (because we all stick together), a band-aid (for the owies), etc.  IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH!  (Sorry mom.)  So this year, I kept it simple...

 I used a paper bag and threw in a pencil, eraser, some snacks and sweet treats.
 I have a giant, scalloped hole punch from Micheal's and used it to cut out some school scrapbook paper.  I have a Silhouette that I USUALLY use to make stickers but it really didn't like me so I just printed out the "welcome to first grade" and used a 2.5 inch hole punch to cut it out.  Glue it on top and staple to the bag.
I mean, how stankin' cute is that???

This poem I actually wrote really quickly one night and thought, "This will work!"
(One of the mom's actually got teary eyed reading it to her son today...yeah, score.)
If you want a copy, you can get it for FREE HERE.  I also did one for Kindergarten (MOTHER!).
(If it doesn't open, just leave me a comment below.)

So, what about when the little babies are in your room,  and they are getting comfortable while you talk to mom and dad, and start running around the room and taking things off the shelves?  Um, no.
Let's do a craft!!!
(I have been doing this for several years and it always keeps me sane at the end of the day.)
I got these little sticks at Joanne's fabrics.  I had my husband paint them and then I hot glued clothespins to them.  Then, I took an extra fine-tipped Sharpie and wrote...
Then I make sure all the supplies are laid out and ready to go.

When my little friends come in, I let them pick which one they want to do.  I write their name on the back with a permanent marker.  I give them QUICK, simple instructions...
 Off they go!  And they are busy while I talk to mom and dad :)
I love it!
After everyone has left, I quickly put a magnet button on the back (just a quick peel and stick).  Yes, Danielle, I know I need a manicure.
And there you have it!  A darling magnet for your students to hang their lovely and all star work!  (and they didn't tear up your room :)
I am almost ready for the new school year.  I have a few more finishing touches and then my classroom is DONE!  Check back for a classroom reveal (ooohhhh...)


  1. Totally adorable!!!! I love your ideas! Having a craft during Meet the Teacher Night is brilliant and that darling! I adore that scrapbook paper too, I've used it on quiet a few school projects. I can't wait for the classroom reveal! Post it quick before the kiddies mess it all up! ;)
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. Your Meet the Teacher Night sounds like it was a HUGE success! Precious! Those magnets are such a great idea! Fellow NC blogger and new follower over happy I found your blog! I look forward to reading more of it! Feel free to check my blog out too! :)