Saturday, September 19, 2015

Adjectives Freebie!

I'm lucky enough that my county already has lesson plans already done for us.  Yeah, you heard right.  I click on writing, I click on the day and print.  So. easy.  The great thing about these plans is that they aren't ironclad.  They can be flexible.  
I came to the day in which I had to do a mini lesson about my students adding adjectives to their writing to make it more interesting...
Ummm...they had NO IDEA what an adjective was!!
So in true teacher style, I had to STOP and do a mini lesson on adjectives.

I found this poster on Pinterest.  I'm not a very good drawer.  Plus, it would have taken me forever to draw all the little pictures and doodles.  I got stressed just looking at it.
Way to go Cupcake for the Teacher...I applaud you.
  So I did what I do best: I printed.  and cut.  and glued.
(They loved the stinky feet!)
 And then of course, what would a lesson be without food?
We had a little taste test lesson...
 and wrote adjectives to describe the popcorn.
There was definitely an "OOOHHHHH....I GET IT!"  moment in the room.
But now we want to describe everything.
My job here is done.
Enjoy this FREEBIE in your own classroom!

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