Monday, August 31, 2015

New September decor and some FREEBIES!

Last week I went ahead and put up all my September decor.  I was getting tired of all the back to school stuff and I needed a change.
My friends immediately knew I had redecorated.  If you want the word wall cards, you can get them HERE for Free!
Michael's has a ton of cute apple stuff.  And it's all on SALE!
I love Burlap in the Fall...
To go with our new word wall cards, I also made some little booklets where my friends could practice putting words in sentences.  You can get this book for Free HERE.
I was really excited about these adorable burlap bags for my listen to reading books.  They were 75% off and are the perfect size for a little book and CD player.

This is the first pack of a yearlong bundle.  I like for my students to be doing something a little more meaningful during Daily 5 and I also wanted something to coincide with our LetterLand Phonics program.  I usually introduce one center a day and then let my students fly with it.  

To save paper, I printed two cover mats and laminated them.  The students spin the spinner and read a word with the matching vowel.  I gave them a little box of apple erasers to add some interest :)

This center is a little trickier because we have accents round here y'all!
The students have to pull a card and listen to the vowel sound and sort.
Then they have to stretch out the word and record it under the matching vowel.

I think they like this one the best because it involves coloring!  The friends pull a card, determine the missing vowel, and color it next to the correct number.

Nonsense word fluency is a biggie on our MCLASS assessment and so I try to incorporate it in as many activities as I can.  I put all the words in a little basket and the friends pull a card.  They read it and sort them onto their mats.
Then they record the words into "Real or Rotten."

I have a full first semester of phonics centers ready to go and it's on Sale!  There are a total of 24 centers to last you through 4 months.
If you are interested, you can see them HERE.

Have a great week friends!

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