Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Currently!

I'm linking up with Farley for her April Currently!

Listening - That last week before our track out was LOUD. 
And I had a nightmare that I was up ALL NIGHT with a screaming baby.  Y'all can tell I'm not ready for kids yet, right?

Loving - I'm loving this whole year round idea.  I don't have a week for spring break.  I have 3.

Thinking - Holy Crap y'all!  I've been married for ALMOST A YEAR!
Our anniversary is this Sunday :)
Even a year later, I'm still OBSESSED with my own wedding!!

The good 'ol boys from Florida know how to party!

Wanting: My house is in complete disarray right now.  But for good reason!  Scott got the fine idea of having our closet redone!
Here it is before...

The painters are in there today finishing up.

Needing: Y'all, since being married for a year, things have gotten...bigger.  I used to be a total workout freak!
I found this picture on my phone.  It was the day I found my wedding dress.
I was still living in Tampa and I was a gym rat!
Since being married, I cook.  A lot.  Scott loves home cooked meals.  And I eat as much as he does!  We've been married a year so now it's time to rededicate myself to working out regularly.

EGGS-plain your name:  The Sassy School Teacher.  Well you have to know me and get to know my personality.  My momma would always say, "Don't you SASS me!"  Then of course I would sass her and then I'd get a slap in the face.
  I'm just very SASSY!
On my wedding day, I didn't CRY down the aisle.  I waved HEY to everybody.
My daddy still doesn't know what the hell to do with me.

So y'all link up with Farley for April's Currently!


  1. You are too cute!! I love your wedding pictures!! GORGEOUS!!! You sound like such a fun, sassy person--I love it! I can't believe you get 3 weeks off!! I am SUPER jealous! I get one week off, but wow 3!! That sounds amazing!! Wishing you a fantastic April!!

  2. Ummmmm I was thinking 10 days off was great....of course I was counting the weekend days!! I can totally relate to getting back into a fitness routine. Our daughter's wedding is in about 70 days...YIKES! BTW, I am going to have her look at your dress because if hers is not EXACTLY the same dress I will be surprised...even the belts are very similar!!! Enjoy your vacation~
    Busy Bees

  3. Hi :) I found your blog through Farley's linky.
    Your wedding was BEAUTIFUL. Those are the types of pictures you'd find on Pinterest.
    I am also really jealous of your three week break. My school talked about all year round school briefly, but they decided that in a tourist town, the kids needed a break and the city needed little workers. Enjoy yours :)

    Kendra @ Social Studies and Starbucks

  4. Your post made me laugh; your sass really comes through in your writing. Congrats on your one year. Mine is in April also. You and everything about your wedding was beautiful! Makes me want to look at my wedding photos and maybe finally finish my album,

    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

  5. Congrats on the first year! I just celebrated 10 last September! How time flies! Your wedding pictures are beautiful. Such wonderful memories to look back on. I love the idea of year-round schooling. When I taught in Fairfax County Virginia there were some year-round schools. Jobs there were hard to come by although I always wanted one. Love your blog! Glad I found you!
    Joya :)

  6. Congratulations on reaching your first wedding anniversary! May you have many more!

  7. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had an amazing wedding. He is a lucky guy :)
    I teach in a year round school too and I do not think I could ever go back to traditional (knock on wood).
    My Second Sense