Saturday, August 9, 2014

August Currently!

I can't believe it's August.  I also can't believe I've been so busy that I am just NOW linking up with Farley for her August Currently.

So here is my Currently for the month of August.

Listening: To the rain.  And more rain.  It's nasty up here in the tar heel state.  And all the while I have to look at pictures of my family having a GRAND OL' time down in the Keys!  I'm talking about YOU, SARAH.  Yeah, that's right!  Keep posting those pics on Facebook while your poor ol' cousin sits up here and watches with envy!  In the RAIN!

Thinking: About school.  I just got a job at a year round school and we are already back in session.  So now, I'm in that "mode" where it's all I think about.

Wanting: To not think about all the things I have to do.  Interventions, testing, did I work with this child enough?  Did they get that lesson or should I go back and reteach?
Do they make a pill that makes you stop thinking???

Needing:  There is a HUGE teacher superstore up here in Raleigh called Stone's.  I get butterflies every time I walk through the automatic doors and the air conditioning hits my face.  The smell of fresh paper and crayons is intoxicating.
But it's raining.  And I don't want to walk outside.

Like I said, I'm now at a year round school and we've been back for two weeks.  But have no fear...I'll have a three week track out in October :)
And then five weeks in the winter :)
I think I might like this year round business...

Link up with Farley and have a great first day of school y'all!


  1. I've always been interested in learning more about year round school. I stay home with my daughter now, but the last time I went into the teacher store I just walked around for a while. I had nothing to buy... but just something about the smells, colors, and all the fun primary stuff just made me so happy!

    Learning is a Journey

  2. I love shopping for school things! I swear, I've been obsessed this summer. If it wasn't for my boyfriend keeping me in check, I'd probably be broke by now! :) You're the first teacher I know of that works in an all year school! It doesn't sounds nearly as bad as I would of thought. Hope you are enjoying being back at school! P.S. I'm your newest follower. :) Best of luck!


  3. Wow! Year-Round School! That has to take some time getting used to! Those breaks throughout the year sound pretty cool! I'm excited to follow you and see how a Year-Round School works!!! :)

  4. Year-Round Schools have always intrigued me! I'll look forward to see how you enjoy it! I have 15 more days of summer and have juggling between enjoying break and feeling overwhelmed by how much I have to do! Yikes!
    Short and Sassy Teacher