Friday, June 12, 2015

Precious Father's Day gifts that will make Daddy MELT!

One of the things I do love about year round school is that daddy doesn't get left out for Father's Day!  
That was one thing I always felt bad about when sending my little friends off into the sunset on the last day of school in June.  Well this year, we made a sweet gift for our dads!
I bought a pack of shrinky dinks from Amazon and punched out 3 1/2 inch discs out.  My hole puncher is from Michaels (great investment - I use it ALL the time).
Then I let my friends decorate the discs with permanent markers.  
Always a good idea to keep construction paper underneath so they won't get mess on your tables :)
Don't forget to hole punch the top before they go into the oven!
I asked the friend that made the one on the bottom right what in the world he wrote and he said it was a secret code that he would share with only his dad...melted my heart!

Line a baking sheet with tin foil and bake those bad boys for 30 minutes. 
When they are done baking, they are a sturdy plastic!
Hook a keychain through the hole and there you have it!  It's adorable and functional!  
You can get the Shrinky Dinks that I used HERE.

Have a great weekend friends!

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