Thursday, December 4, 2014

Very Merry Phonics Giveaway!

Okay, so has anyone been falling behind, lacking in a certain department, can't catch up, etc?  I feel like I'm in the weeds y'all!!!  For the past few months, I have been creating phonics packs for my word work station for daily 5.  They have increased in rigor and go in order according to our phonics instruction.  My friends love them and I always try to jazz it up with fun little bags and such.  Well, Very Merry Phonics is finally done.  But since I couldn't get it done in time for the Cyber Sale, I figured I would do a giveaway! 

Reindeer Games is fun because we love spinners! 
 I love spinning.  Spinning's my favorite!
  This spinner focuses on ink and ing.  My friends spin both, read the word and if it is real, they write it on the reindeer.

They love cookies for Santa!  I gave them a spoon and told them to pretend they were baking.  I gave them an actual mixing bowl but then I took it out after 2 minutes.  FYI, metal is WAAAY too loud for Daily 5.
  All they do is pull a cookie from the bowl, read it and sort it under real or nonsense.  I included a cvc set and a set with digraphs as shown.    I found these little Christmas buckets at Dollar Tree.  Now all I need are little aprons...

Just Elfin Around is another spinner they use to practice ang and ank.  Just like Reindeer Games, they spin, read and if it is real, they write it down.  They USUALLY want to color the reindeer and elf when they are done and being that it is almost Christmas I usually give in.
My husband said the title was inappropriate...hmmm...can't imagine why...

I made this activity for several reasons.  One, they are using picture clues, finding the first sound and looking through the whole word.  I explained to them that these words cannot be sounded out and so they have to use their clues.  I also wanted them to get familiar with long vowels even though it is a skill I haven't taught yet.  I also made another activity that sorts long and short vowels that isn't shown.  I'll put that activity in next week when we start with "magic e."

And last, I have another cookies for Santa activity that focuses on ending blends.  I made another cookies for Santa activity because I KNEW there would be fights over the first one.  Oh, was I right.  I only have 4 students at word work at a time but while two are baking real and nonsense cookies the other two could be baking ending blends.  Just add a stinkin' spoon - that makes it ALL the more interesting!

So my friends, there are my activities (minus one) that come with Very Merry Phonics.  If you like it and are interested in getting it (for Free) leave me a little love with your email address.  I would be more than happy to share it with you this holiday season!


  1. Wow, what a nice giveaway! Can't wait to use this!

  2. How generous! I would love this. Thank you!

  3. I love this!!!!!