Friday, April 25, 2014

The Sweetest Field Trip...Literally!

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Our first Easter as a married couple.  Rosco was not cooperating for the camera...

Not to mention it's difficult when someone is not there to take the stinkin picture!

We did a literature unit for Eric Carle's "The Tiny Seed."
I broke the students into pairs and they had to retell the events in the story.

We also used evidence from the text to explain why you couldn't plant seeds in certain places such as the desert, ocean, etc.

I'm REALLY do you teach your literacy block?  I would LOVE to know what kinds of books you use, how you use them, etc.

In math we are working on fractions.  I used this sort from my Fantastic Fractions pack to help distinguish shapes that are truly partitioned into quarters and those that were not.

Then we completed a similar sort in our interactive notebooks.  

Once that was completed, the students had to actually partition the shapes themselves.

 On the front of each flap they had to practice writing the fraction.

And today, we went on the most precious, sweetest field trip...

We went to a nursery to pick strawberries!
Each student received their own basket and they got to pick and pick!

 It was the most adorable thing and my little friends were so well behaved! 
 I was a proud teacher!  

If y'all have any advice about your literacy block I'd love to hear it!
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  1. Beautiful beautiful day at the strawberry farm! :) Sorry...this comment is long! lol
    Right now we are currently about 2 weeks away from our end of the year testing, so my literacy block consists of mostly close reading. I try to choose one reading per week and focus on that topic throughout the week. Our mentor texts, videos, and spelling words come from this text. It gets the kids VERY into it! For example, this week we did a close reading passage about Meerkats (see my blog for pictures). I have 3 groups of 6-7 kids. Each group comes to me for 20-30 minutes. Before reading groups start, we have about 30 minutes of a read aloud, Picture of the Day, or other morning activity. Monday is vocabulary day - students circle unknown words and complete a vocabulary page using evidence from the story. Tuesday is comprehension day - we reread the passage, answer comprehension questions, and underline our evidence in the text. Wednesday is finish up and graphic organizer day - the kids finish any of the vocab or questions that they haven't done and then we complete a graphic organizer about the main idea/key details or text features. Thursday is writing day - the kids use their work to write about the topic. Friday we do not do centers, so the kids usually draw or write on this day if we don't get to the writing on Thursday. ...And that's how my morning goes!

    Creativity to the Core